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What is BC2XI?

BC2XI™ is Sisu Limited's unique migration service platform. BC2XI™ can be used to migrate from legacy middleware products - SAP Business Connector (B), or certain versions of webMethods - to SAP's strategic middleware platforms, SAP eXchange Infrastructure (XI) or SAP Process Integration (PI). Services provided by this platform are aimed at SAP customers who are considering upgrading their current BC / webMethods integration projects to XI / PI, or at System Integrators who work with SAP customers.


BC2XI™ is a browser-based tool that allows the user to upload BC export files, use a wizard-like interface to view project data and select migration options, and finally download converted files for import into XI/PI. BC2XI™ makes a conversion from BC to XI/PI fast, reliable, repeatable and cost-effective, saving around 80% of the cost of doing the same work manually.


If you are a SAP customer, you will probably have a middleware platform linking your core SAP business systems to those of your suppliers, customers and other business partners. You may be considering migrating from one middleware platform to another. Regardless of the reason for change, significant effort and investment will be required to migrate to the new platform. A current challenge facing many SAP customers is how to maximise the benefits available from SAP's NetWeaver platform. If your middleware runs on a legacy platform such as Business Connector or WebMethods, the benefits of migration to NetWeaver PI include platform support, platform consolidation, and compliance with SAP's architecture strategy.


Features and Enhancements