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 Our Services

Services that SISU offer revolve around our flagship product, BC2XI™. Services that we provide for our customers include:

  • Use of the BC2XI™ migration tool
    The core BC2XI™ product handles the generation of XI/PI components from given BC projects drastically reducing the migration effort (providing automatic conversion for 80% of Business Connector project components and features). Access to BC2XI™ is provided on a licensed, per-use basis, either through our integration partners, or directly from SISU.
  • Custom XI/PI component creation service
    For any Business Connector project components that cannot be converted by the product, we offer a service where we can estimate, design and develop fully customized components for XI/PI based on the BC project.
  • XI/PI project modifications
    On request we can also customize the XI/PI output from the migration to fit any new business needs above and beyond those which existed in the original BC project. This can be necessary when one of the systems that the BC project communicates with, is modified or upgraded.
  • Full end-to-end migration service
    If BC or XI/PI knowledge is not the strength of your organization and you struggle to find good resources to perform the migration we can offer, based on availability, an end-to-end migration where we do all the work, training and support for the migration of the project to XI/PI. The bulk of this work can be performed remotely- and in some cases, all of it- providing that your organization can open up a secure remote access to the XI environment.
  • Training
    Do you require training for the BC or XI/PI platforms? We have provided training courses for these SAP specialties across Europe.
  • General XI/PI consulting
    Do you need any other assistance or XI resources? Our staff includes experts within the fields of Business Connect, XI, and custom application architecture and development.