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Features & Enhancements

  • Support for BC Services and functions
    BC2XI™ now supports an increased number of built-in BC functions and services. The service will also identify and list any functions and services which are not 'XI compatible' and suggests how to deal with them, if they are relevant for XI.
  • BC Java mapping parser
    Custom Java BC mappings can be converted to XI Java mappings without the need for a separate wrapper using the BC2XI™ built-in language parser. In some cases, it is even possible to choose between an XI Java, XSL or Graphical mapping.
  • Versioning of migrations
    Each project can be migrated multiple times, changing the type of maps that get generated as well as the structure of the resulting XI Business Process.
  • Full dependency check of project
    Before starting the migration process, the service will check that all referenced BC components have been uploaded with the master project. It will identify where references are made and if they can be resolved.
  • ID enabling
    BC does not have a convenient way of identifying the maps and flow elements it contains which makes referring to them difficult in larger projects.

    The BC2XI™ service provides a solution for this by automatically associating an ID to each BC Flow & Map, and allowing the user to download the enhanced BC project to his/her BC development environment, in order to more easily associate the generated XI components to their corresponding BC components.
  • Fully browser based
    BC2XI™ is offered as a Software-As-A-Service solution. There is no requirement to install any software to use the service. The Migration Consultant simply uploads the Business Connector project with dependencies, follows the wizard-like migration process, then downloads the corresponding generated XI components and accompanying documentation from the results page.