BC2XI Partnership

SISU works through System Integrator companies around the world to provide migration services to end customers. 

The BC2XI™ partnership arrangement provides a mutually beneficial situation for both the System Integrator and SISU in the SAP consulting marketplace.  The benefits of these partnership relationships result in an unrivalled migration offering that is hard to compete with using any other approach. 

Working together with our partner company, Sisu Consulting Limited, what we can offer includes:

Support and Services

  • BC2XI™ project evaluation service- helping to create rapid and accurate estimations for the migration projects.
  • BC2XI™ migration service.
  • BC, XI/PI and BC2XI™ migration training.
  • Migration and XI/PI consulting to support your projects
  • Leads to SAP customers who require migration work and contact us directly, providing both consulting work and opportunities for the System Integrator to gain new customers. 
  • Opportunities for you to submit news and case studies from your migration projects through SISU's website and other communications with end customers.
  • Exposure as partners on SISU's website for potential customers to contact you directly.
  • Market visibility through SISU's marketing programme, and early access to new XI/PI tools.

What we expect

  • Promotion of BC2XI™ as the best approach to migrations.
  • Active feedback on our services and how they could be improved.
  • Participation in the creation of  news items, case studies and reference implementations.