Assessment and Evaluation

Take the guesswork out of your Integration Process analysis with our detailed evaluation and assessment

When considering a migration to SAP PI you will first need to establish the scope of your project, in order to be able to accurately estimate the time, cost , and resources required for a successful migration.

Find out all the details of your project in just three simple steps

 Step One

Contact us at and provide us with details about your project

 Step Two

Our specialists analyse your project and generate a custom report

 Step Three

Receive and review your Migration Assessment and customized report

It is easy to establish how many Integration Processes you have - but how complex are they? Each Integration Process is a piece of software of arbitrary complexity- anywhere from a single Map component, to hundreds or even thousands, with complex branching and error handling logic.

Our BC2XI™ migration platform takes the guesswork out of Integration Process analysis, producing a detailed report showing:

  • How many Maps and Mappings each Integration Process has.
  • How many Standard Functions and Custom Functions each Integration Process has.
  • How many Datatypes and Datatype Instances each Integration Process has.
  • An analysis of the proportion of the Integration Process for which the migration can be automated using BC2XI™, and the proportion that would require manual attention.
  • An estimate of the time and cost to perform a manual migration.
  • An estimate of the time and cost to perform the migration using BC2XI™.

Contact us now at for an assessment and estimate of complexity and cost of your migration project using our unique automated migration toolset (BC2XI™), and our experience as specialists in middleware migration.